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The Pitfalls of Internet Marketing



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More and more tourists are using the Internet to arrange and book their holidays on-line, some official figures point to as high as 85% of bookings now made by this method.

Certainly, the UK and the other English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, and Australia without doubt heavily use the Internet to arrange their touring and accommodation itinerary to the Cotswolds and the UK. It should also be noted the non-English speaking country of Japan is one of the most frequent users of the Internet for making holiday arrangements.

In view of this it is now regarded, by serious tourist related businesses, as a must to have their own websites. But does it start and stop here and what are the pitfalls lurking behind this new technology?

Regularly we get businesses bemoaning the fact that their website does not live up to the expectations of bringing in hundreds of new guests to their B&B or Hotel and still have to rely on the much more expensive traditional forms of advertising their business.

Lets take a quick look at some of the reasons why this happens and some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

1. If a website is not written to be Search Engine friendly then it is like a car with no engine – it will go nowhere! Designers of websites may be skilled at writing the necessary html coding to give a presentable website but they are not always aware or knowledgeable on the skills required to get good rankings with the Search Engines!

2. Most people who have a website will have heard of the word ‘keywords’, but it is amazing how this is still misunderstood. Ask yourself what is the most important keyword that most people will use who are intending to holiday in the Cotswolds. The answer surprisingly is ‘cotswolds’!

3. Do you need an E-Marketing Partner in the form of a high ranked Portal Web Site? The answer is yes. Even a cleverly produced website will find it difficult to compete with the larger professional websites because the Search Engines will always rank much higher those ‘content rich’ web sites with 'in-depth' coverage.

4. Choosing an E-Marketing Partner with which to advertise can be a hazardous process but in reality is very easy and straightforward. There are hundreds of companies out there offering to advertise your business and promising to bring you thousands of potential guests – so how do you decide which one to go with? Easy – Just ask them how highly they are ranked with the leading search engines for the search term ‘cotswolds’ and choose one of the best.

5. This article would not be complete without re-stating one of the most basic fundamental requirements of marketing your business – good photographs! Please remember a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ – bedroom accommodation should be photographed with a wide-angle lens with all the lights switched on!

If you follow these guidelines then you will find your website enquiries will improve beyond your expectations. Should you require free assistance and guidance with your E-Marketing requirements and totally without obligation then contact us.

Richard Pinder is the webmaster for www.cotswolds.info and www.cotswold.biz. He runs from time to time free seminars for those Cotswold businesses wanting to know more about the potential of E-Marketing and how to go about it.

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